19.-20.2.2022 Longing for mushroom -weekend

You no longer have to miss mushrooms by yourself. The long-awaited Longing for mushrooms -weekend at Hotel Punkaharju is here and invites all the mushroom enthusiasts to experience unique ridge landscape, memorable mushroom dishes and a small amount of madness in February!

Hotel Punkaharju’s Longing for mushroom -weekend wakes up all mushroom enthusiasts from hibernation in the middle of winter. Where else could you meet other mushroom enthusiasts, miss mushrooms, learn more about mushrooms, enjoy a wonderful ten-course mushroom dinner and participate a famous Finnish hip hop musician Paleface’s concert in February?

The Longing for mushrooms -weekend in February is for anyone interested in mushrooms and mushroom picking who cannot wait any longer for the start of the mushroom season. At Hotel Punkaharju you can miss mushrooms in the middle of the winter, look back the autumn mushroom trips and await for the upcoming season with others. To ease the sadness, we offer mushroom preservation tips, share our recipes, prepare a mushroom lunch together with chef Päivi Lehtonen and solve the riddle of dried mushrooms. In addition, we learn how to navigate using terrain maps, study mushrooms under microscope and create an overview of the annual cycle by mushrooms.

Our special guides fungal expert & author Jarkko Korhonen, chef & biologist Päivi Lehtonen, mushroom expert Oki Strandén and Hotel Punkaharju’s own mushroom mentor Saimi Hoyer will lead you to secrets of mushrooms. The program for Longing for mushroom -weekend starts on Saturday February 19th about 11 am and ends on Sunday February 20th about 2 pm. The exact program will be sent to participants a couple of weeks before the event. We welcome you to arrive on Friday to enjoy a delicious three-course dinner with Paleface concert!


Prices from Friday to Sunday
Single room 730€ per person
Double room for one 765€per person
Double room 595€per person
Suite for one 905€per person
Suite 650€per person
Extra bed 495€per person
without accommodation 450€per person
Includes: Paleface concert with three-course dinner on Friday, program and meals for mushroom weekend and accommodation in a selected room category from Friday to Sunday.

Prices from Saturday to Sunday
Single room 490€ per person
Double room for one 510€per person
Double room 450€per person
Suite for one 650€per person
Suite 505€per person
Extra bed 395€per person
without accommodation 345€per person
Includes: Program and meals for mushroom weekend and accommodation in a selected room category from Friday to Sunday.

Please notice that all reservations are binding and cancellation can be made free of charge 30 days before the start date of the booking. We will review all cancellation and changes on a case by case basis.


Reservations and inquiries:
+358 15 511 311