Sauna and hot tub

Finnish sauna experience highly recommended! Schedule time in our beautiful beach sauna and hot tub, followed by a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Saimaa!


We warmly recommend that you combine your holiday with a Finnish sauna experience. Enjoy a relaxing hot sauna and take a dip in Lake Saimaa either from the beach or pier or through a hole in the ice in winter. You can also relax in the warmth of  our hot tub. 

If you want to come and use our  private sauna with your own group, we will heat it up for you upon request.  The private sauna is best for a maximum group of 10 people.

 Also the hot tub is available for private use and it offers true luxury by the lake all around the year.

Cool beverages can be found in the refrigerator (a fee will be charged based on consumption). We cater light meals and other drinks to enjoy to the sauna upon request.

(Please note that our bar license extends to the beach sauna, so no need to bring your own drinks.)


Small group (1-5 persons): 60 €/1 h, extra hours 30 €/ h.
Big group (6-10 persons): 120 €/1,5 h, extra hours 30 €/ h.

Price with outdoor hot tube:
Small group (1-5 persons): 200 €/2 h, extra hours 50 €/ h.
Big group (6-10 persons): 300 €/ 2h, extra hours 50 €/ h.

Towels 2€/person, bathrobes 5€/person.


Inquiries and reservations:

P. + 358 15 511 311