Guided trip to the nature

A guided walk to the beautiful ridge area around Hotel Punkaharju. The walk takes about 1,5 hours and is suitable for all ages. Our experienced guides take you to an unforgettable journey to Finland’s national landscape and it’s up to your choice whether you’d like to go and explore research forests, cultural landscape of Takaharju, Historical Mustaniemi or just go ice skating, cross-country skiing snowshoeing etc.

Research forests
Could you imagine a better place for forest research than the Punkaharju esker, where preservation of forests and the first experiments started back in the 19th century? Within a kilometer of the hotel lies Laukansaari, where you can explore the Lusto Forest Museum and Punkaharju research forests with their various exotic tree species, old primeval forests and other interesting details — including the tallest tree in Finland! Numerous sign-posted trails are suitable for walking or cycling, and some allow cars. If you are looking for your own space, you can find many peaceful spots in the forest area. Enjoy one of our special excursions and you can have a cup of tea or coffee with us at the viewpoint on the Karjalankallio rock.

Cultural landscape of Takaharju (Back ridge)
On our guided field trip, you can experience the authenticity of the esker, immersing yourself in the beauty which inspired Finnish artists more than a century ago. You can see and hear the birds and study the rare plants of the esker. It was believed that the pine forests of Takaharju improved your health, and still today you can feel the healing power of the landscape. Many trails in the area are suitable for walking, and we especially recommend the scenic tour of Valkialampi.

Historical Mustaniemi (Black cape)
If you are interested in war history, we highly recommend that you sign up for one of our trips to Mustaniemi. For centuries, Punkaharju resided in the frontier between Sweden and Russia. After Finland gained independence on December 6th 1917, there were intentions to fortify the area. During World War II, the Salpalinja (Salpa line) was built. The renovated old dugouts and trenches can still be found in Mustaniemi and the neighbouring Kuikonniemi. In Mustaniemi you can also explore remains of prehistoric dwellings and the even older prehistoric shores of the ice age.

Bicycles, rowing boats, canoes, SUP-boards, snowshoes and Nordic walking sticks are available for rent.
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Finnish, English

on request all year round

1,5 h

39 € per person,
minimum price 156€ (4 persons)


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