Welcome to Restaurant Punkaharju

Where local products and natural ingredients play a key role in our menus.



Sami Tallberg, a food visionary who has been at the heart of Restaurant Punkaharju since its opening, has taken a stronger stance in the kitchen and taken the hotel food and beverage product in a more wild direction. The hotel kitchen has always made uncompromising handicraft.

The kitchen has been run in turn by the fantastic chef Miika Lönn, the kitchen manager Mikko Lahtinen and the chef Ilkka Arvola. Now, at the beginning of the 175th anniversary, it is the right time for Sami to step into the front line. With the help of Sami, the wild herb selection is grown, the wild mushroon spectrum is expanding and vegetarian food is increasing. In addition, there are stunning bio-hacked menu items that will be launched at the Hotel Punkaharju this year.


Please note that our menus may vary depending on the seasonal ingredients available from our producers.

. Read more about our opening hours. At other times we are open upon request.

The restaurant and bar has a capacity of 120 seats.