Russula- the culinary treasure of Finnish forests 12.-13.8.2017

Sienet pääosassa lauantain illallisellaThe forests of Finland conceal a huge secret – a vast amount of different species of the genus russula. Many who look for chanterelle stomp on these incredible culinary treasures. Come and join us to a weekend full of wonderful tastes and smells. The stars of the event are the number one mushroom specialists Lasse Kosonen and Jarkko Korhonen and of course Punkaharjus keenest mushroom hunter and the hostess of Hotel Punkaharju Saimi Hoyer.

A whole new world of taste and smell will unfold via the knowledge you’ll learn. Mushroom will be savoured in many versatile dishes and you’ll be sure to learn more than one way to prepare mushroom dishes yourself. The highlight of the weekend is the one of a kind five course mushroom dinner made by chef Mikko Lahtinen.


Price includes program and meals.
The event requires 15 persons’ participation.


Reservations and enquiries

puh. +358 15 511 311